John Washington Doty - Mayflower

John Washington Doty is a direct descendant of Edward Doty who was one of 102 of the men, women and children who came over on the Mayflower in 1620.  Edward Doty also signed the Mayflower Compact in 1620.

The signers of the Mayflower Compact - 1620

John Carver,William Bradford,Edward Winslow,,William Brewster, Isaac Allerton,,Myles Standish, John Alden, Samuel Fuller, Christopher Martin, William Mullins, William White, Richard Warren, John Howland, ,Stephen Hopkins, Edward Tilley, John Tilley, Francis Cooke, Thomas Rogers, Thomas Tinker, John Rigdale, Edward Fuller, John Turner, Francis Eaton, James Chilton, John Crackston, John Billington, Moses Fletcher, John Goodman, Degory Priest, Thomas Williams, Gilbert Winslow, Edmund Margeson, Peter Browne, Richard Britteridge, George Soule, Richard Clarke, Richard Gardiner, John Allerton, Thomas English, Edward Dotey/Doty &  Edward Leister

A direct descendant of Edward Planter Doty, who immigrated to the United States on the Mayflower in 1620 is buried at Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson Kansas

1st Generation) Edward Doty Born: 14 May 1598 - came from England to Plymouth in 1620. He married Faith Clarke on 6 Jan 1634. Edward died on August 23, 1655 and is buried in Plymouth Massachusetts in Burial Hill.

2nd Generation) Their son, Captain Samuel Doty Sr., who was born on 27 August  in 1643 in Plymouth Mass married Sarah Jane Harmon on 15 Nov. 1668.  Samuel died on 8 Nov 1715 in Piscataway New Jersey.

3rd Generation)They had a son Samuel Doty Jr who was born on 27 Aug 1679 (on his father's birthday) in Plymouth Massachusetts and married Elizabeth Hull on the 19th of September 1700.  Samuel Jr died on 5 may 1741 in Piscataway New Jersey.

4th Generation) Their son John Doty was born 4 June 1709 in Piscataway New Jersey and married Ocie Skillman in 1732 in Basking Ridge New Jersey.  John died 9 Nov 1757 in Piscataway New Jersey.

5th Generation) A son, Samuel Doty was born to John and Ocie in 1733 and married Mary Ann Brown 19 Dec 1781 in New York. 

6th Generation) Their son William Levi Doty was born in 1780 is Basking Ridge New York and married Sarah Stout Snodgrass in 1810.  William died in 1840 in Butler Co Ohio.  They came to Kansas in 1870. 

7th Generation) Their son John Washington Doty was born on the  in Johnstown Pennsylvania and married Ruth Ann Glaspey 26 Dec 1858.  John died 4 May 1917 in Great Bend Kansas. He is buried at Eastside Cemetery along side his wife. 

8th Generation) They had a son, John Washington Doty II on the 24th of March in 1874 in Minneapolis Kansas.  He married  Mary Ann Clune on the 1st of Sept in 1897 in Hutchinson Kansas.  John died 18 April 1958 and is buried in Eastside Cemetery.  His wife is also buried at Eastside.

Edward Doty

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edward doty pilgrim mayflower
Edward Doty was invited to sign this compact on board the Mayflower after its arrival in Cape Cod Harbor and from this time he was treated to all intents and purposes as one of the company, receiving the same allotment of land and stores as all other single men. From this it would seem as if he had at this time reached his majority, though he probably still owed some service to Stephen Hopkins. It has been assumed, however, inasmuch as he is spoken of as a youth, that he had now reached his 21st year, and this is the only indication that we have of the date of his birth.

1624. The story of this first winter of the settlers, strangers upon this most inhospitable coast, overcome by sickiness and exposure, is pathetic- ally told by Bradford. Within two or three months one-half of their com- pany died, it being the depth of winter and they wanting houses and other comforts. They were attacked by scurvy and other diseases, caused by their long voyage and poor condition, so that there died sometimes two or three in a day. In the time of their greatest distress there were but six or seven sound persons to wait upon the others and perform the necessarj- duties for the sick. The seamen on the vessel fared almost as badly, so that the Mayflower was detained several months from returning. To add to their distress, the house which had been built as a general rendezvous and for the common use, and to which many of their goods had been re- moved, was accidentally burned on the 14th January, and increased their troubles. Edward Dotey unquestionably bore his part in the sufferings of this try- ing season, but his young and rugged constitution carried him safely through, and the spring found him working with his master in the fields or upon the houses which It was found necessary to erect and which were at first used largely in common by the settlers. The first direct allusion to him that we find in the records at this time is not a complimentary one. But it must be borne in mind that these, the records of the police court of the time, exaggerate the importance of these peccadilloes of the young. It is under the date of 1G21, June 18, that we find this item in " A Chron- ological History of New England," by Thomas Prince, M. A., a jounial carefully compiled from Bradford's History and the various records of towns and churches, and published about 1712. "The second offence is the first duel fought in New England, upon a challenge of single combat with sword and dagger between Edward Doty and Edward Leister, servants of Mr. Hopkins, both being wounded, the one in the hand, the other in the thigh, they are adjudged by the whole company to have their head and feet tied together, and so to be for twenty-four hours, without meat or drink ; which is begun to be inflicted, but within an hour, because of their great pains, at their own and their master's humble request, upon promise of better carriage, they are released by the Governor."
Mayflower Compact-1 doty edward - 4th grandson is buried at eastside

Doty Family - Edward Doty Emigrated to the United States on the Mayflower

Edward Doty Born: May 14, 1598 Died: 23 August 1655 in Plymouth and is buried at Burial Hill in Plymouth Massachusetts
Faith/Fayth Clark/Clarke  Born: 6 Jan 1619    Married Jan 6, 1633 in Plymouth Died: 21 December 1675 in Marshfield Massachusetts. Her 2nd husband was John Phillips

Children of Edward and Faith Clarke Doty

  • Edward Doty II - Born: 1636 Died: He drowned in Plymouth Harbor Feb 8, 1689/90  He married Sarah Faunce on Feb 26, 1662/3
  • John Doty - Born: 1640 and died in Plymouth on May 8, 1701  He married Elizabeth Cooke and had 9 children
  • Thomas Doty -  Born: 1641 in Plymouth Mass. and died December 1678 in Plymouth  He married Mary Churchill.
  • Captain Samuel Doty Sr. - Born 27 Aug 1643 in Plymouth Massachusetts and died on 8 Nov 1715 in Piscataway New Jersey.   He married Sarah Jane Harmon on Nov 15, 1668 in Piscataway New Jersey and had 12 children.  The connection to Eastside Cemetery lies here with Captain Samuel Doty Sr.
  • Edward Doty - Came to the US on the Mayflower   Son Capt. Samuel Doty Sr.  Son Samuel Doty Jr Son John Doty. Son Samuel Doty Son William Levi Doty  Son John Washington Doty (Buried at Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson Kansas.  Son John Washington Doty Jr. Also buried at Eastside.
  • Desire Doty Standish born 1645 and died Jan 22 1731 in Marshfield.  She married William Sherman on December 25. 1667 in Marshfield and had 3 children.  She married her 2nd husband Israel Holms on Nov 24 1681 and had 2 children.  She married husband number 3 Alexander Standish by 1689 and had 3 children.
  • Elizabeth born 1646 and died April 7, 1742 in Marshfield. She married John Rowse on Jan. 13, 1674/75 and had 5 children.  She married husband number 2 William Carver on Jan 28 1718/19 and had no children with William.
  • Isaac born Feb 8 1647/48 in Plymouth and died after Jan 7 1728 in Oyster Bay New York. He married Elizabeth England by 1673 and had 5 children.
  • Joseph born April 20 or 30, 1651 in Plymouth and died in Rochester around 1732.  He married Deborah Ellis Hatch in 1712 and had 7 children - Ellis, Joseph, Deborah, John, Meroy, Faith and Mary. He married his second wife Sarah Woodin Edwards on March 5. 1711/12 .  Elizabeth Warren 1674 Theophilas and Elizabeth
  • Mary born 1653 and died before June 13, 1728. She married Samuel Hatch after July 10, 1677 and had nine children.
The first of the Doty family in the New World was Edward Doty. He arrived in Plymouth, Mass., in 1620 on the Mayflower. At the time of his arrival, he was a servant of Steven Hopkins and his wife, Elizabeth Hopkins. Edward was an apprentice tanner and leathermaker. He was present at the first Thanksgiving Feast at Plymouth. He was among the first men to explore the shores of the New World in search of a safe landing point. In all likelihood one could claim that he is figured in the famous etching of the landing of the Mayflower. From this humble, yet courageous beginning, springs one of the most interesting families I have ever studied.Edward was the son of John and Ann Holland Doty of Shropshire, England. He was born at Thurburton Hill, Suffolk, England, on May 14, 1598. When the Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod, Edward was invited to sign the compact and was treated as every other single male, given the same allotment of land and stores.His first wife is unknown but is believed to have been named Elizabeth or Mary and is believed to have had children by Edward. Edward married Fayth Clarke, daughter of Thurston Clarke and Faith Loes, also residing in Plymouth. Their marriage took place on Jan. 6, 1633 at Plymouth, some 13 years after the landing. Edward and Fayth had at least 11 children including: Edward, 1664-c.1693, who married Sarah Faunce, daughter of John Faunce and Patience Faunce; William Doty; John Doty, who married Elizabeth; Faith Doty; Thomas Doty; Samuel Doty, who married Sarah Jane Harmon, daughter of James Harmon and Sarah Clark; Desire Doty; Elizabeth Doty; Isaac Doty; Joseph Doty, who first married Elizabeth Warren, daughter of James Warren and Sarah Doty and second married Deborah Ellis Hatch, daughter of Walter Hatch and Elizabeth Holbrook; and Mary Doty. Of these children I will follow two lines into Pompton: first Joseph Doty’s line into Pomptonvia Rochester, Mass, and Dutchess, N.Y., and second Samuel Doty’s line into Pompton via Piscataway.Joseph Doty was born April 20, 1651 at Plymouth and died in 1732 at Rochester, Mass. He married Elisabeth Warren in 1674 in Plymouth. By his first wife, Elizabeth Warren, he had at least two children: Theophilas Doty and Elizabeth Doty. He married his second wife, Deborah Elis Hatch, in 1712. By Deborah he had at least seven children including: Ellis Doty, who married Elinor; Joseph Doty; Deborah Doty; John Doty; Meroy Doty; Faith Doty; and Mary Doty.Ellis Doty was born in 1681 in Plymouth and married Elinor. Her last name and the place of their marriage are unknown to me. Their children were born in Rochester, Mass. They had at least two children: Elijah Doty, who married Susannah Ferris, daughter of Benjamin Ferris and Phebe Beecher; and Zurshaddai Doty, who married Mary Warner.Elijah Doty was born Jan. 1, 1717 in Rochester, Mass. In 1741, Elijah married Suannah Allen, by whom he had at least one child, Phillip. His second wife was Susannah Ferris. Susannah Ferris, his wife, was born in 1737 in Rye, N.Y. Their marriage took place in 1758 in Rye, Dutchess County, N.Y. Elijah and Susannah had at least 12 children including: Gilbert Doty, who married Elizabeth Griggs; Dobson Doty, who died at age 5; Lilias Doty, who was born at Quaker Hill, Dutchess, N.Y.; Elizabeth Doty; Phebe Doty, who married Peter Field, son of William Field; Ruth Doty, who married Elijah Efner; Elijah Doty, who married Eve Teachout, daughter of William Teachout and Catrina Young; Ferris Doty, who married Anna Tice, daughter of HendrickTysse (Tice) and Fitje Vreeland; Gilbert Doty; Guiliemena Maria Springate Penn Doty, who married Francis G. Ryerson, son of JorisFrans Ryerson and Mary R. White; John Ferris Doty; and Harvey Doty.It appears that all of the children of Elijah Doty and Susannah Ferris were born in Dutchess County. They remained Quakers and resided at Quaker Hill. Two of their children migrated into old Pompton Township. Ferris Doty married Anna Tice, daughter of HendrickTysse and Fitje Vreeland. Hendrick was of the fourth generation of Huguenot/Palatine immigrants residing in Franklin Township (Pompton Township) for three generations at Erskine. Fitje Vreeland was of Dutch descent, fifth generation in New Jersey. The second of Elijah’s children to make way to old Pompton was Guiliemena Maria Springate Penn Doty, who married Francis G. Ryerson. Francis G. Ryerson also married Elizabeth Van Houten.I have not been able to determine the origin of Guiliemena’s unusual name. Hers is the only name among their line that is unusual. Francis and Guiliemena had at least seven children including: Jane Ryerson, who married David Hennion; John Ferris Ryerson, who married Hannah Van Giesen; Mary Ryerson, who married Peter F. Post; George W. Ryerson, who married Leah Van Houten; Susannah Ryerson, who married Ambrose Field; Peter Field Ryerson, who married Ann Bayard; and Hester Ryerson, who married Joshua Manley.This line of Joseph Doty brings us to the Wanaque Valley where Ferris Doty, HendrickTysse, Fitje Vreeland, JorisFrans Ryerson, and Mary White were in residence.The second line of the Doty family that leads us to the Wanaque Valley is that of Samuel Doty, son of Edward Doty and Fayth Clark. Samuel Doty was born at Plymouth in 1643. He married Sarah Jane Harmon, daughter of James Harmon and Sarah Clark in 1698 at Piscataway. I have no idea how Samuel migrated from Plymouth to Piscataway. Samuel and Sarah had at least 13 children including: Samuel Doty, who married Elizabeth Hull, daughter of Samuel Hull and Mary Manning; John Doty, who married a Pratt; Sarah Doty; Isaac Doty, who married Fances Hall; Jonathan Doty; Edward Doty; James Doty; Benjamin Doty; Elizabeth Doty; Joseph Doty, who married Sarah Badgley; Daniel Doty; Margaret Doty; and Nathaniel Doty.Joseph Doty was born Oct. 30, 1696 at Piscataway. He married Sarah Badgley in 1721 on Long Island. Joseph owned property in Elizabethtown (Newark) and later resided on the east end of Long Island. He died in New Providence, Union, N.J., on Sept. 10, 1768. Joseph and Sarah had at least five children including: Joseph Doty; George Doty, who married Sibbe Howel; John Doty, who married Sarah Potter; Anthony Doty; and Elizabeth Doty, who married Jeremy Ludlow, son of Jeremiah Ludlow.George Doty and SibbeHowel had at least five children including: Joseph Doty, who married Polly Allen, daughter of Joseph Allen; George Doty, who married Nancy Cook; David Doty; Kezia Doty, who married Stephanus Clark, son of Daniel Clark; and Sarah Doty, who married John Clark, son of John Clark.Joseph Doty married Polly Allen and had at least eight children including: Anthony Doty, who married Mary Wilcox, daughter of Levi Wilcox; Allen Doty (1780-1841), who married Nancy Brown, daughter of John Brown; David Doty; Sarah Doty, who married Arron Oakley, son of Thomas Oakley; Aaron Doty, who married Betsey Hedges, daughter of Gilbert Hedges; Sibbe Doty; Mary Doty, who marred Jesse F. Pitts, son of George Pitts; and Martha Doty, who married Benjamin Weed.Allen Doty and Nancy Brown had at least 11 children including: Anna Doty, who married Benjamin Lacy; Rachel Doty, who married Ephraim Howard; Aaron Doty, who married Theressa Victor; Ellen Doty, who married Samuel Vangesen; Squier Doty; Joseph Doty; William Doty, who married Mary Simpson; Sally Doty, who married Cornelius Titus, son of Thomas Titus; Jane Doty; Mary Doty; and Abraham Doty.Aaron Doty was born about 1807 at New Providence, N.J. He died July 22, 1896 at Belleville, Essex, N.J. Aaron married three times: first to Rachel Quackenbush in 1830; second to Eleanor Ryerson in 1832 in Paterson; and third to Theresa Victor in 1839 in Paterson. By Eleanor Ryerson he had two children: Jacob L. Doty and George Doty. By Theressa Victor his children were born in Saddle River Township and Oakland in the 1840s. Aaron and Theressa Victor had at least four children including: William Henry Doty, who married Mary; Thomas Edgar Morehouse Doty; Martha Ann Doty; and John P. Rowe Doty.William Henry Doty was born June 7, 1840 in Saddle River, Bergen County. William and Mary had at least six children including: William Doty, who married Ella L. and together raised their children in Pompton Township; Emma Doty; Martha Doty; Sarah Doty; Lottie Doty; and Lizzie Doty. William Henry Doty was a Civil War veteran.This line of Samuel Doty arrived in the Wanaque Valley about 40 years after Ferris Doty. Each line descends from different first generation siblings born in this country and found their way to the Wanaque Valley through very different paths. While these descendants were distant cousins, they remained remarkably close. Mrs. Hazel B. Doty Strange of Haskell was the granddaughter of William Henry and Ella Doty. She had family photographs of descendants of Ferris Doty standing in front of the old Ryerson home owned by JorisFrans Ryerson and Mary R. White in the Wanaque Valley. It was their son, Francis G. Ryerson, who married Guiliemena Maria Springate Penn Doty.