Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals Cases

Planning Commission - Current Case Materials

ZA20-000004 - A request to rezone 419 N Poplar Street from R-5 High Density Residential District to C-4 Special Commercial District 

CPA20-000001 - A request to amend the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map from Public/Institutional to Commercial at 419 N Poplar Street

Board of Zoning Appeals - Current Case Materials

ZV20-000003 - A variance request from Sec. 27-413.B. Minimum Lot Frontage and Minimum Lot Area and Sec. 27-314.B. Accessory Buildings and Uses to create a 25 foot wide, 3,180 square foot lot with a detached garage without a primary structure.

SUP20-000001 - A request to operate a motor vehicle repair (light-medium) business at 309 S Washington Street (also known as 311 S Washington St, Unit A).