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            (17th Avenue and James St.)

This park is named after an attorney that was known throughout Hutchinson and Kansas.

 May 24, 1975 Vic Goering was killed in a car accident, his wife Janet survived. They were heading home from the Prairie Dunes area when their vehicle struck two horses that wondered onto the street.

Vic Goering worked as Assistant county attorney under Republican Attorney Pat Thiessen. After his time working as county attorney he became employed by Gilliland and Hayes Law Firm. He later became a municipal and magistrate judge.

 June 3, 1975 Goering Park came about when the Hutchinson Bicentennial Commission met to discuss the dedication to Vic Goering in the form of a park named after him. Goering had years earlier wanted to have a place on the west end of town to have a place for children to go to and enjoy.

 June 1975 this area by Rice Park was to be dedicated to Vic Goering. Donations and various monies were raised to help build the gazebo, playground, planting of trees, grills, and placing waste receptacles.

 June 26, 1975 Dedication of Vic Goering Park. The Bicentennial Committee owned the land and after the ceremony transferred ownership to the City of Hutchinson. His family and friends were there the day of the dedication ceremony.