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Soldiers and Sailors Monument1
Many people don't know the story behind the statue that stands at 1st and Walnut. In June 1917, the cost of the statue was approximately $20,000 and would be funded under a special tax for Hutchinson. In order for the city of Hutchinson to get this tax approved they had to go through the Kansas House of Representatives. McPherson County, had a similar tax pass to get the funding for their statue.
In March 1923, then Mayor Geo. Gano wanted to do something with an empty field in the middle of Hutchinson. He used money that he made while running his grain mills to beautify the field. It had walking paths that stretched the whole block of 1st Avenue between Poplar and Walnut. Citizens of Hutchinson kept telling Mr. Gano that his money would be wasted and that no one would enjoy the park. He never asked the City Council to help fund the park.
Another park was built after Geo. Gano. This would be the sister park to the one on 1st Avenue. This would be home to the Hutchinson Minor League team known as the Hutchinson Wheat Shockers from 1917-1924. They played at Gano Field located at C Avenue between Monroe and Jefferson.
The baseball field was loaned out to the armed forces for training purposes.
In March 1938, the City of Hutchinson decided to do away with Gano Park for the construction of the new post office. Along with the park being demolished and turned into a parking lot, Gano decided to sell his ball field and it is now Kuhn Krause.
To this day the only remains of the park is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
(There are pictures out there, I could not get a copy of any of them.)