Welcome to the Hutchinson Regional Airport

Airport News
  • The Hutchinson Airport Advisory Committee has five open board member position.  If you live inside the City limits and would like more information, please contact the airport manager using the contact information listed on the right. 
  • Taxiway Alpha crackseal and sealcoat project is set to begin in late July of this year.  The project is going to require multiple runway & taxiway closures.  Please check your NOTAMS.

Current Airport Projects

  • Taxiway Alpha crackseal & sealcoat.  (October through November)
  • 8 nested t-hangar construction (new).  Project to be completed late 2018. (if interested in leasing a new t-hangar, please contact the airport manager)
  • Existing t-hangar upper/lower door seals
  • Hangar 4 door seals & parking lot/drainage improvements
  • Hangar development/design for existing tenant expansion along Airport Road.  Includes access, FEMA Flood Plain revisions, utilities, aprons, taxiway connectors and hangar facility development.