Permit or License

  1. Beer License

    Find a list of individual and commercial liquor licenses.

  2. Building Permit

    Find information on commercial and residential building permits.

  3. Contractor License (PDF)

    Apply for a General Contractor Registration.

  4. Liquor Licenses

    Apply for individual or corporate liquor licenses.

  5. Merchant Patrol Licenses

    Find the applications for merchant patrol licenses.

  6. Occupancy Permit (PDF)

    Get an Occupancy Permit for a new business or change of occupancy.

  7. Parade/Trail Permit (PDF)

    Find the requirements for use of public streets, parks and trails.

  8. Pawn Brokers/Precious Metal License

    Access permits and license applications for pawn brokers.

  9. Peddlers License (PDF)

    Apply for a door-to-door peddler's license.

  10. Sound Permit (PDF)

    Apply for a permit to operate an outdoor sound system.

  11. Tree Service License