Public Art Design Council

Regular Meetings

Meets on the second Thursday of each month at 3:30 PM in the Executive Conference Room at City Hall, 125 East Avenue B.


The Public Art Design Council is made up of seven (7) members nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Such members shall be selected because of their expertise in visual arts, architecture, historical preservation, or affiliation with a local business or public entity. Membership on the Design is limited to two consecutive full terms. A single term is 3 years. Ex-Officio members with unlimited terms and voting privileges also include the directors of parks and facilities, downtown development, planning and development, arts and humanities and the art center.

The Design Council shall elect one of its members as chairperson, and one its members as vice-chairperson, who shall act as chairperson during the absence or incapability of the chairperson. The term of office of the chairperson and vice-chairperson shall be for one year, and no person shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office unless such election to the immediately subsequent term be made by members of the Design Council by unanimous vote. 

Meeting & Attendance Policy

The Design Council meets bi-monthly at 3:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November. Meetings are held in the Executive Conference Room at City Hall, located at 125 East Avenue B, Hutchinson, Kansas, for the purpose of adopting rules and regulations and conducting necessary business. Special meetings may be called from time to time. A record of attendance is kept. Resolution No. 2744, Section 4 (PDF), states that "members shall be required to attend not less than 75% of regular meetings."


The Public Art Design Council shall endeavor to develop a collection of public art that is of the highest quality, that will encompass a broad aesthetic range reflecting the City and the minds of its citizens, that will improve the quality of life in the area, that will be accessible to all individuals and be a source of pride to all residents.  The Public Art Design Council shall seek to develop this Percent for Art Program and the associated collection in such a way so that it is intimately integrated into the fabric of the City of Hutchinson and reflects a broad range of community input and involvement by artists and art professionals.  The Public Art Design Council is responsible for reviewing, advocating and developing public art projects in the public domain for the City of Hutchinson.  It will develop a formal structure in which to create, develop and maintain public art as well as further public accessibility to the arts.

Specifically, the Percent for Art Program objectives include:

  • Develop a public art program that is unique to Hutchinson.
  • Increase the understanding and enjoyment of public art by Hutchinson residents.
  • Invite public participation in the interaction with public spaces.
  • Provide unusual and challenging employment opportunities for artists.
  • Encourage collaborations between artists and architects, and artists and engineers.
  • Support artist participation on design Committees for planning public projects.
  • Encourage variety of art forms: temporary and permanent, object and event, single or dispersed locations.
  • Spread commissions among a wide number of artists and strive for overall diversity in style, scale and intent.
In addition to overseeing the Percent for Art Program, the Public Art Design Council may also administer other public art programs such as temporary public art programs, public art mural programs, public art loan programs or exhibits, donations of artwork to the public collection, and memorials for public parks.

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Establishment Authority

By Ordinance No. 2015-17, establishing Chapter 30 - Public Art, of the City Code.

Public Meetings

Meetings are open to the public. Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication at a Design Council or any other Board meeting (or any City program, service or activity), should call the City Manager's Office at 620-694-2641 (TDD - Kansas Relay Center 711), as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the scheduled meeting.

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