Fireworks  Independence Day is a day of patriotism, family gatherings and fireworks, so before you purchase or discharge fireworks in the City of Hutchinson and in the unincorporated areas of Reno County, we'd like to remind everyone about our fireworks ordinances and safety requirements so that everyone can enjoy a safe holiday.    

When:  “Safe and Sane” fireworks can be discharged daily from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. beginning  June 30th through July 4th  in the City of Hutchinson.

Where:  Remember that sometimes fireworks go in directions other than the one intended so be aware of your surroundings. Consider the wind, dry conditions, structures, people/children, pets, etc. Stay safe and keep our community safe.

It is illegal to discharge fireworks: 
  • on public property - roads, streets (public roadway), parks
  • within 1000 feet of hospitals or nursing homes
  • within 100 feet from retail firework stands or facilities where fireworks are stored. 

All fireworks must be discharged on residential property owned by the person(s) discharging, or with permission of the residential property owner.   The Fire Chief has the authority to ban the discharge of fireworks anytime conditions warrant. Tune to local radio stations for information and updates.   Violations of the Hutchinson or Kansas State statutes or regulations pertaining to the discharge, possession or transportation of fireworks will result in the issuance of a ticket and/or seizure of fireworks.

Allowed - Safe and Sane Fireworks - the City of Hutchinson and Reno Fire District #2 will only allow Safe and Sane fireworks to be discharged within the Hutchinson city limits and Reno County unincorporated areas (rural areas).  Safe and sane fireworks are defined as fireworks that do not fly or explode more than 6 ft in any direction.  For example:  fountains, sparklers, wheels, smoke and snake items, strobes, ground spinners, novelty fireworks that do not travel, snappers, caps and firecrackers are all allowed.  

Banned Fireworks - Any firework that travels more than 6 ft in any direction are banned from use in Hutchinson and Reno Fire District #2.  Examples of these are aerial cakes, roman candles, rockets (bottle rockets and sky rockets) missiles, mines, shells and flying spinners, etc.