Eastside Cemetery

This beautiful cemetery was established on June 30, 1883 and is located at Severance and Cleveland in Hutchinson.  

It was changed from private to public in 1914 forming the Eastside Cemetery Association which was owned by stakeholders (plot owners) by 5 prominent business men, E. L. Meyer, W.E. Hutchinson, Dr. S.H. Sidlinger, John B. Brown and L.A. Bigger.  

The first reported secretary was E. L. Meyer 1883-1885,  F.R. Chrisman 1885-1894, D. A. Moore 1885-1894,  M.F. Amrine 1894-1911, Mr. Shoup July 1, 1911 - 1922

The mausoleum was built by P. A. Barnett of Waterloo, Iowa for roughly $30,000.  

Cemetery Map

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