Use our Urban Trails to Exercise and Explore

Bike, hike and explore Hutchinson. You can pedal, skate, run or walk throughout our beautiful city using our extensive trail system.  So get out and explore Hutchinson.  Breathtaking views can be enjoyed on our trail system meandering through our beautiful downtown, city parks and along side waterways with covered rest stops along the way.  

Who benefits? We do

Lots of things improve with bike and pedestrian trails in a community.  Here are just of few of the benefits we are seeing here in Hutchinson:

  • Asset To The Safety of Pedestrians and Cyclists
  • Bring Businesses To Our Community
  • Improve Health and Wellness
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Increase Grant Opportunities For Future Projects
Biking Trail_thumb
 “Every $1 spent on building biking trails and walking paths could save approximately $3 in medical expenses.” Source: American Heart Association 2011