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Posted on: September 23, 2020

Where do my taxes go?

For every $1 the City receives, 52¢ goes to public safety, 13¢ goes to parks and facilities, 13¢ goe

We get a lot of questions about taxes. It is understandable, we all work hard for our money and want to know where it is going and how it is being used. Of the taxes you pay, only a small portion actually goes to the City of Hutchinson. The money the City does get is used for public safety like Hutchinson Police and Hutchinson Fire; Public Works which give us things like clean water to drink, clear streets to drive on and the levee system that protects us from flooding; infrastructure investments; economic development funding; the parks and trails system; and so much more is provided through that funding. We hope these graphics help break it down a little more clearly.

 For every $1.00 you pay in property taxes, the City of Hutchinson gets 25¢.

This graphic explains how property taxes are divided between different taxing entities. For every do

Of the 8.6% sales tax collected here in Hutchinson, 1.4% goes to the City of Hutchinson.

Of the 8.6% sales tax charged in Hutchinson, the State of KS gets 6.5%, Reno County gets .41%, Reno

So, how do we invest that money?

The graphic below is specific to how we spend property and sales tax dollars which go into our general fund. It in no way represents our overall expenditures in these areas as the city has many other sources of revenue including state and federal dollars which are earmarked to specific areas or projects. In addition, the categories below are very simplified to give you a quick snapshot as to where these dollars go.

Public Safety includes both Hutchinson Fire Department and Hutchinson Police Department as well as the Animal Shelter, which is a part of HPD.

In addition to playgrounds and green spaces, Parks and Facilities oversees the maintenance of all of our facilities including City Hall, Memorial Hall, The Hutchinson Zoo, Hutchinson Regional Airport, the Sports Arena, Eastside Cemetery, all of the community buildings, the Public Works building and more.

Public Works and Engineering encompass numerous important services like street maintenance, storm water, water processing, traffic signals, central garage, and so many more. A number of these services often require large, expensive infrastructure investments which are bonded and show up in the Capital Improvements/Bond Interest category, along with some projects from other departments.

If you are curious and want to dive a little deeper, all our recent budgets and audits are available here on

For every $1 the City receives, 52¢ goes to public safety, 13¢ goes to parks and facilities, 13¢ goe

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