How do I apply for a City of Hutchinson job?
On the Human Resources page you'll find an online application guide to help you locate and apply for a job. Remember to keep a record of your username and password when you create your account. Use this same username and password each time you check your application status or apply for other positions. To apply for a position with the City of Hutchinson please view our job openings page.

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1. How do I apply for a City of Hutchinson job?
2. Do I need an email address to complete an online application? How do I get an email address?
3. Do I need to set up an account to apply for a job?
4. Can I copy and paste information from my resume?
5. Can I apply by submitting a resume instead of completing an online application?
6. How soon will I be contacted about my application?
7. How do I access my online account after I create it?
8. What if I forgot my Username or Password?
9. How often does the City add jobs to the job opportunities list?
10. Can I apply for more than 1 job?
11. Can I change a submitted application after a job closes?
12. Who do I contact for help?