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Animal Shelter

  1. Adopt an Animal

    Please submit a completed application and shelter staff will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for your interest in a shelter... More…

  2. Foster Application
  3. Proper Paws Registration

    Registration for Obedience classes

  1. Barn Cat Application
  2. Lost and Found Report
  3. Volunteer Application

    Fill out a Volunteer Application and our Volunteer Coordinator will call you shortly.

Storm Water

  1. Stormwater Volunteer

    Filling out this form will place you on a list of potential volunteers. Signing up through this form does not require you to... More…


  1. 2017 Camp Registration Online Form
  2. Bobcat Breakfast

    Enjoy a breakfast near the bobcat enclosure, get a special view of their enrichment and have a chance at owning your very own bobcat... More…

  3. Field Trip and Group Program Registration Form
  4. Purchase Zoo Membership
  1. Adopt a Zoo Animal
  2. Donate
  3. Otter Water 5K and Fun Run Registration

    The Hutchinson Zoo is hosting a 5K and a Fun Run on Saturday, June 10th! All money raised for the event will go towards building a new... More…