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Otter Water 5K and Fun Run Registration

  1. After submitting this form, you will be directed to make your payment through paypal. Your purchase is not complete until you make your payment on paypal and are redirected to the Zoo's Thank You page.
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  5. Registration fee includes a t-shirt. Registration will be taken up until race day, however t-shirt sizes are not guaranteed after May 21st.

    Refund Policy: Due to the magnitude of planning an event of this nature, refunds will not be accepted including those related to weather cancellations. For more information, contact the Hutchinson Zoo.
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    In consideration of my participation in the Hutchinson Zoo's Otter Water 5K and/or Fun Run, the undersigned does hereby fully release and discharge the Hutchinson Zoo, their offices, directors, and members as well as any and all sponsors, from damages or injuries whether such injuries are accidentally or negligently inflicted or suffered, arising out of connection with the Hutchinson Zoo. The undersigned does hereby acknowledge that certain dangers are inherent in running and walking obstacle courses.
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