Hutchinson Parks


         1st Street between Jackson and Jefferson

  1. History of S.W. BRICKTOWN
Formally known as Ashmeade
This park got its name from the Ash grove that was planted there. Years later the grove got sick and died. The City of Hutchinson went and removed all the trees as they got sick. A picnic bench and grill are there now.
In the Summer of 2018. Ashmeade Park was renamed to S.W. Bricktown Park after the area of town known as S.W. Bricktown. This park is updated with a playground and shelter.

Avenue A Park
         A & Main

  1. History of Avenue A

Avenue A Park is located at the corner of Avenue A and Main Street in downtown Hutchinson. This park features a gazebo, a walking path around Cow Creek, a water fall and a water park that is open to the public free of charge from mid-May to mid-September. This is also home to Third Thursday of every month. In June, this area is the site to some of the activities for the Smallville Comic Con.

Carey Park

        South Main Street

History of Carey Park

Emerson Carey in 1921, donated 200 acres of land merged the two parks to what is now Carey Park
In 1965, the roads in Carey Park were named due to the fact, that when the police were trying to give out speeding tickets, not having a street name but describing where in Carey Park the ticket was an issue.
In 1989, the Disc Golf Course was constructed and ready for use.
In the 1990's, the Salt City Splash was constructed.
In 2012, the Carey Park boathouse, was torn down. Trying to repair the damages sustained to the structure would be too costly. The decision was made to remove the structure

Emerson Carey Memorial Fountain in Carey Park.jpg

Crescent Park 

            Crescent Blvd. and 17th Avenue

  1. History of Crescent Park

This park got its name from the new addition being built in the area. This park is home to the bird sanctuary.

crescent park.jpg
bird sanc crescent park.jpg
Elmdale Park

      Avenue E. and Plum

  1. History of Elmdale

Elmdale got its name from the elm trees that were there and the ones that were planted in the 1920’s.

Fairgrounds Park

            21st and Severance

  1. History of Fairgrounds

In 1966, Fairground Park was then made into a reality with the help of Hutchinson Jaycees donation. This park had it's own swimming pool that was open to the public, and had a space themed playground. Now it has a splash pad, newer and safer playground, and updated tennis courts.

Farmington Park

            Farmington Rd.

  1. History of Farmington Park

Named after the new addition of homes built in the area. The metal bridge in Farmington Park was placed to go over the canal that is there. This bridge was a former catwalk at Hutchinson’s Waste-Water Plant .

Garden Grove

        Garden Grove Parkway

  1. History of Garden Grove

Was built in 1971 when the new home addition was built. This neighborhood park has a gazebo, swings, and lots to play on.

In August of 2016, construction for a new playground was underway. It was delayed due to rain but was started up again soon after.  

George W.  Pyle Park

          E. Ave B between Walnut and Poplar

  1. History of George W. Pyle Park

In 1923, President Harding came to Hutchinson to talk to local farmers about the government assisting American farmers. While talking to the farmers, Harding was standing at the gazebo that (still stands) at Sylvan Park.
In 2005, Sylvan Park got renamed to George Pyle Park.
In 2016, a playground was constructed with  the City's partner the  Community Project Program.

Soda Ash Park 1900-1936/ Grandview Park 1936-Present

          413 N. Chemical Street

  1. History of Grandview

Soda Ash Park (now Grandview Park) was named after Hutchinson’s Soda Ash Plant. When the plant shut down the park than needed to be renamed. Grandview got its name after the new home addition that was being built at the time. This was where the First Community Project of its kind kicked off with the building of the playground.

Herman and Helen Bunte

          35 Circle Dr.

  1. History of Bunte Park

Herman Bunte served as City Engineer under city manager George Pyle.

Hyde Park

          Hyde Park Home Addition

  1. History of Hyde Park

This area got its name from the new homes being built in the area. This area is home to the annual Luminaria’s that take place around Christmas time.

J. Bernard White Park

600 W. 5th

  1. History of Bernard Park

This park was named after Lt. John Bernard White, a war hero, who served in World War I and was killed in France during the battle of Chateau Thierry.  He was a member of the US Army, 38th Infantry, 3rd Division and received the Silver Star for his bravery and service.
In 1920, the park and bridge were dedicated in Lt. White’s memory.

Rice Park

          22 Swarens

  1. History of Rice Park

In 1966, the land was acquired to build a new park.
In 1967, the funding for a swimming pool, baseball diamonds, and a playground was approved.
In the 1970’s funding for a walking path around the park was funded. This was to get people to use the park for more for than just what was there.

In the late 90's, the pool was removed and a community building was built where the pool once was.
In 2017, the newest splash pad opened.

Rivers Banks Orchard Park

      2911 East 43rd Avenue
  1. History of Orchard Park

This park was named after a Civil War Veteran and Reno County Pioneer who founded an orchard on the site that bore his name generations later. This park is in one of many phases that will improve the park features. The park has access to a fishing pond, and a playground that is named Winwoods Enchanted Playground, this playground is the 51st of Shane’s Inspiration in the U.S., it will soon have inner and outer loop trails, an amphitheater, athletic practice field and a pavilion that can be rented for group gatherings.

Vic Goering Park 1975-Present

17TH & James

  1. History of Vic Goering Park

Vic was a prominent attorney, served as Assistant County Attorney under Republican County Attorney Pat Thiesen for several years before 1960. He later joined Gilliland and Hayes law firm.
Vic Goering and his wife were both in a car crash that killed him, she survived.