Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Rice Park Community Building and Carey Park Homebuilders Community Building

The City of Hutchinson reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time upon notice to the user and the user agrees to forego any claims against the City of Hutchinson for damages by reason of this termination. You may cancel a previously agreed rental contract at any time. In the event a rental is cancelled more than 24 hours before it is scheduled, an amount equal to ½ of the agreed rental charge shall be refunded. For any rental cancelled within 24 hours of its scheduled time, the City of Hutchinson will retain the entire rental amount. In both cases, the deposit will be refunded.

  • The Facilities are designated “Non-Smoking”.
  • It is unlawful for any person to play, use or operate a loud speaker or sound amplifier on the streets, alleys or public grounds of the City of Hutchinson without a sound permit. The sound permit may be granted or refused at the discretion of the City Manager.
  • Use of these buildings is limited to social, recreational, or fraternal activities. Under no circumstances shall the building be used for profit motivated commercial enterprises.
  • The user agrees to use the premises for lawful purposes and not to attempt to charge a fee or to sell any merchandise while using the facilities without written consent of the City Manager.
  • No pyrotechnic devices of any type are allowed.
  • The person who signs the contract must assume liability for supervision of all persons at the facility and provide adult chaperones (age 18 or older) for any group that includes minors, one adult for each 15 minors.
  • Assume liability for damage to facility or premises, which is in no way limited by the amount of the deposit.

The $50 deposit will be refunded provided that the user has:

  • Wiped down all counter tops, cleaned and put away tables & chairs.
  • Swept and mopped the floors.
  • Taken trash to the dumpsters located outside the building.
  • The user did not come in earlier or leave later than their designated times.
  • The key has been returned to the Parks & Facilities at 1600 S Elm.
  • No damage has been done to the building.



The gazebos may be rented from 5:00 AM to Midnight. Any prospective user may cancel a previously agreed rental contract at any time. In the event a rental is canceled within 30 days before the scheduled date, the City of Hutchinson will return 1/2 of the rental fees. If it is canceled any later than that, there is no refund. In the event the facility is in use and the party refuses to leave, call 911 for assistance.