Hutchinson Animal Shelter Statistics

The Hutchinson Animal Shelter is a resource for all Hutchinson residents if they can no longer take care of their animals.  We take in about 2,000 stray and owner surrendered animals each year. We strive to find placement for all the animals that enter our care each year.  Some of the statistics are listed below.

Adoptions - Animals that are adopted out to the public each year.
Return to Owner - Animals that come in as strays and the owner comes in to reclaim that animal.
Transfer to another agency - Animals that are transferred to other other shelters or Rescue organizations to give them more opportunities.
Euthanized - Animals that had to be euthanized.
OUTCOMES 2015 2016 2017       2018 
(End of May)
Adoptions 519 742 799 330
Return to Owner 277 388 391 156
Transfer to another agency 117 200 252 82
Euthanized  909 754 693 115
Listed below are the number of intakes for the shelter.
Stray - animals that come in without an owner
Owner Surrender - animals that are brought in by their owner.

INTAKES 2015 2016 2017       2018 
(End of May)
Strays 1769 1453 1491 495
Owner Surrenders 172 537 578