The county clerk is the county election officer in Reno County and is responsible for conducting all elections held in Reno County.  Reno County  Clerk’s Office  125 West 1st Hutchinson, Kansas  620-694-2934  Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Term of Office  

The City of Hutchinson is divided into four districts.  The council member’s elected for the Northwest and Southwest Districts will -each serve a four (4) year term ending November 2021.  The Council member elected from the City-At-Large will serve a two (2) year term ending in November 2019.  The Northeast and Southeast Districts will be elected again in November 2019.

The governing body is to adjust the boundaries every eight (8) years after 1994 to reflect approximately equal population.  The adjustment was made for 2010, and the revised map is included outlining the current Districts.

Candidates for council members from a district shall have been residents of the district for which they seek election for at least six (6) months prior to their election and continue to reside in the district during their term of office.  All candidates must be citizens of the United States and qualified electors of the city. An individual seeking elected city office must be a “qualified elector.” This means at the time of the election, the person must be a registered voter in the city (and if the city is divided into wards, within the particular district).

Elected Council Members will take office January 16, 2018 and the five (5) Council Members will choose one of their members to be Mayor for a one (1) year term.

Effective April of 2007, Council Members do not receive any compensation for their service.

No governing body member shall hold any other city office or city employment during the term for which the member was elected to the governing body.  No former governing body member shall hold any compensated appointive city office or city employment until one year after the expiration of the term for which the member was elected.

Filing Location, Validation and Fee

All candidates for municipal office are required to file with the county election officer either a declaration of intent to become a candidate accompanied by a fee of $20 or a nomination petition with the proper number of signatures. Within three days from the filing of a nomination petition or declaration of intention to become a candidate for city office, the county election officer shall determine the validity of such petition or declaration. If the petition or declaration is found to be invalid, the county election officer shall notify the individual and provide the reason for the finding. The individual may object to the finding of invalidity.

All local candidates must file with the County Clerks Office. The filing fees have changed.

1st Class Cities:   $20.00 + $50.00 report fee = $70.00

All other City/School filings are $20.00

For more information - visit the Reno County Clerk's Office website at renogov.com