Welcome to the Hutchinson Regional Airport

Airport News
  • The Hutchinson Airport Advisory Committee meetings will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, beginning at 4:00pm (22:00 UTC) until 5:00pm (23:00 UTC) beginning March 17th, 2020.
  • The Hutchinson Airport Advisory Committee has 3 openings for voting members.  If you are interested in aviation, business development, airshow/fly-in planning and have an interest in learning more about the City of Hutchinson and the role that the Hutchinson Regional Airport plays, please contact the airport manager or any member of the existing committee.  Their contract information can be found on this site.

Current Airport Projects

  • Runway 13/31 crackseal & sealcoat.  (projected fall 2020)
  • Hangar 2 floor refurbish. (projected April/May 2020)
  • New 12k gallon 100LL Bulk Fueling System (May 2020)
  • New T-Hangar concrete flat work and access road/gate
  • Control Tower flooring replacement
  • Terminal Building Lobby restroom model (summer 2020)
  • Airport Steakhouse Roof repair/replacement