Hutton, Samuel and Emmett

Samuel Franklin Hutton

Born: 9 July 1860 Shelbyville, Tennessee

Died:23 Jan 1937 San Antonio Texas

Burial: Fairlawn Burial Park Hutchinson Kansas

Married to Lucie M Meyer, sister of  Eugene L Meyer, President of the Hutchinson bank, and the First National Bank. 

George Emmett Hutton, Sr.

Born: 10 Dec 1863

Died:21 Jan 1947

Burial: Eastside Cemetery Hutchinson Kansas

Owner of American Steam Laundry along with Charles Oswald.

Samuel operated a loan business at 24 1/2 South Main and lived at 212 East Sherman.  He was instrumental in improvements made in Hutchinson. He played an important role in the first paving of streets in Hutchinson, suggested building Convention Hall, now Memorial Hall, and helped bring railroads to our city.

He served as Street Commissioner for the City of Hutchinson.

Married Lillie F "Lottie" Bay

Their parents where George Davidson Hutton and Mary Ann Houston also known as "Grandma" Hutton.  Mary Ann was married  Russell Porter Whiteside, lawyer,  on 25 Nov 1845 in Bedford County Tennessee.  Their children were Judge Houston Whiteside and Annie Porter Whiteside who married William E. Hutchinson. After Mr. Whiteside's death, she married George M Hutton and had sons Samuel F and Emmett Hutton, Leoto Hutton who married John Conn, dentist.