Property Maintenance

The City supports clean and safe neighborhoods and has adopted codes to ensure that properties do not become unsightly. These efforts help provide community stability and consistent property values. The following City Codes have been adopted:
Minimum Property Standards
The 2012 ICC Property Maintenance Code applies to private property, both residential and commercial, owner occupied and rentals. If a complaint is made, the Neighborhood Standards Officer or a Building Inspector will inspect the validity of the complaint. If the renter or tenant has filed a complaint regarding the interior of the structure, an inspection will be made inside the building.

The following will give you a general idea of what the City defines as an adequately maintained property.
  • The structure must be maintained in a safe and sanitary manner and must provide all basic services, such as safe electrical, heating and plumbing services and adequate exits, floor space, ventilation and light.
  • The structure must be weather and water tight, porches and stairs must be structurally sound, and any structures must be kept painted to prevent deterioration.
  • The property must be free of trash, vermin and any other health hazard.
  • There must be no inoperable vehicles, appliances or other large salvage items or large equipment stored outside. No vehicle can be parked on an unimproved surface such as your lawn.
  • Grass and weeds should not be allowed to grow higher than 12 inches.
  • All properties must have the address posted with numbers that are at least 4 inches in height and visible from the street.
  • Garbage or trash cannot be set out for collection before 7 p.m. on the day prior to the day of collection and must be removed from such location no later than 8 p.m. the day of collection.

How Do I File a Complaint or Concern?

For items on the exterior of the property, contact the Code Enforcement Inspector at (620) 259-4171 or 620-259-4108, send an email, or submit a concern online.

For items on the interior of a structure, contact the Building Official at (620) 694-2631, send an email, or submit a concern online.
What Happens After a Complaint is Made? 
Concerns regarding any of the above listed problems begin by either a complaint or concern received by a citizen or an inspector viewing a violation while driving through the area doing other field inspections or working on special projects. The general procedure for addressing these complaints/concern is as follows:
  1. After receiving the complaint or concern, an inspection is made within 2 to 3 days to verify there is a violation(s) of city code; 
  2. If a violation exists, a letter is written to the property owner or tenant stating the cause for the violation and given a compliance date to correct the problem;
  3. The property is re-inspected on the compliance date;
  4. If the violation remains, the city will either file a complaint with the municipal court or have the violation abated and the property owner is then charged for the expenses incurred plus an administrative fee.
  5. City staff will work with a property owner or tenant if circumstances exist that will not allow them to complete the required repairs or maintenance by the compliance date.
What is Not a Code Violation?
There are some neighborhood problems that do not fall under the City's jurisdiction. In general, the City can act on behalf of the public at large, but the City cannot take action on behalf of one citizen against another. The City does not handle neighbor disputes or civil problems that do not violate public law. 
Often a neighbor's tree or other plantings may drop leaves or debris in your yard or may cause damage to a fence or other structure. These conditions are private matters between the two property owners, and the City has no jurisdiction.