Public Information Office

Citizen Engagement Survey Results

Citizen Engagement Survey

The City of Hutchinson conducted a survey which sought to understand how to best engage our residents. As we rediscover a new normal, we want to know how residents prefer to be kept informed and involved when it comes to local issues. You can view the results here.

The Public Information Office is housed in the Office of the City Manager. All media relations, public information activities, and public affairs functions are coordinated through the Public Information Office.

Primary Services Include

Media Relations

The Public Information Office is tasked with providing consistent, accurate and timely information to the media in a coordinated manner while keeping City officials informed of emerging media issues.

Inquiries from the news media are given a high priority and responded to as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every effort is made to meet media deadlines and to ensure released information is accurate.

Community Engagement and Public Relations

The Public Information Office facilitates engagement opportunities for citizens, manages the City's social media presence, develops web content, messaging, and design, and ensures proper messaging across audiences and platforms.


This office develops, executes and analyzes strategic marketing plans and campaigns and maintains the integrity of the City of Hutchinson brand.

Emergency / Crisis Communications

When necessary, the Public Information Office works with the Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Management to provide timely and accurate information before, during and after a disaster.