Water Production & Treatment

The Water Production and Treatment division handles the operation and maintenance of the City's Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Center, 20 water wells, 2 booster pump stations, 4 water storage towers, 2 Class I disposal wells and the ground water remediation facilities. This includes the costs to maintain and operate the well and booster pumps, buildings, grounds, telemetry equipment, chlorine systems and related equipment. Divisional staff also takes approximately 500 water samples per year from the distribution system and wells to keep the city in compliance with potable water system operational regulation. Divisional staff responds 24/7/365 to water production related emergencies, mostly related to the operation of the water wells, groundwater remediation equipment, and water booster stations.

The City of Hutchinson Water Production and Treatment division shall ensure that the Hutchinson water supply meets or exceeds federal Safe Drinking Water Standards and other regulations and orders, shall provide a sufficient volume of water to meet the daily needs and desires of the Hutchinson community and shall maintain a dependable and uninterrupted water treatment and supply to our customers.
Water Production Facility
Hutchinson Water Tower