Agency Overview
The Hutchinson Police Department is an agency of 71 sworn officers and 43 support staff that provide services for a population of 41,889 people; we strive for continual quality customer service from all officers and staff. We require the utmost professionalism and ethical conduct of all of our officers, while on and off duty.

Our community is complete with all the amenities of a larger city, with various attractions and conveniences, yet has a small town appeal. Our community is the home of the Kansas State Fair, upscale museums, quality schools and it is simply a great place to raise a family.

We take pride in providing our officers with all uniform essentials including; shirts, pants, footwear, duty belt and gear, body armor, handgun etc. Our department also provides professional cleaning of the officer's uniforms.

Additionally, our officers are provided with the state-of-the-art equipment, patrol vehicles, mobile computers with access to a  modern records management system, vehicle HD digital audio/video systems and progressive, ongoing job related training for each officer to be successful in their career as a police officer.

The City of Hutchinson provides a comprehensive benefits package to all officers, which includes: vacation, sick leave, K P & F Retirement, health insurance package(s) and more.

Recruitment Process
Those interested in a career with the City of Hutchinson Police Department are encouraged to complete an Application when it is advertised on the City of Hutchinson employment website: If the position for the Police Officer is not listed, interested applicants should complete a job interest card. No filing fees are involved, but applications must be completed online.

Applicants will be notified by the Human Resources Department of the next time and date of the Written and Agility examinations.

Application Evaluation
The Application form and all requested information are examined and evaluated against an extensive list of Automatic Disqualifiers established by the City and Kansas Statutes. Basic areas of Automatic Disqualifiers are misdemeanor criminal convictions occurring within five years prior to application, felony convictions. Any finding of an automatic disqualifier eliminates the applicant from further consideration.

Failure to supply the information requested results in an automatic disqualification. Additionally, applicants will later be required to supply a certificate or graduation, high schools and college transcripts. Current and former military, or current or former law enforcement officers, DD 214 or law enforcement certification should be included with other documentation.

Physical Agility Test
Members of the Police Department Physical Agility Team administer the Physical Agility Test. This test is administered prior to the written examination.

Applicants for the position of Police Officer with the City of Hutchinson are required to participate in a strenuous physical agility test. This test is designed to test the applicants' physical ability to perform the essential job functions of a patrol officer to include the pursuing and subduing of a fleeing suspect.

Attire: workout attire is acceptable; t-shirt, shorts or sweats and athletic shoes for running.

The applicants will be instructed in warm-up exercise (stretching) and then shown the physical agility test. This test includes each obstacle listed below and the proper way to complete the station.

The Physical Agility Test is an approximate 500 yard obstacle course consisting of:
  • A 4-foot barrier (2 times during course)
  • 10 push-ups (arms locked / touch chest [women can use their knees)
  • Slide or crawl under a rope (approximately 2 feet and 0.5 inches off the ground)
  • Serpentine area
  • 10 sit-ups (hands interlaced and touch knees)
  • Crawl under a 3-foot high table
  • Leap over an 8-inch tall, 4-foot wide object
  • Over a 3-foot barrier
  • Identify suspect from description given prior to starting course
  • Dummy Drag approximately 70 pounds 30 feet
  • Time course max: 3 minutes 15 seconds
The applicant will be disqualified if:
  • Applicant fails to show for the test without prior notification
  • Applicant does not complete an obstacle and gives up
  • Applicant ID's the wrong suspect (shirt and ball cap color)
  • Applicant does not complete the course in the required amount of time (3:15)
Written Examination
The written rest is administered by a designee of Human Resources. Members of the Police Department assist in the testing process.

The City utilizes the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST). POST is an entry-level basic skills test that helps law enforcement agencies select the most qualified applicants by ensuring that candidates possess the basic cognitive skills necessary to successfully perform the job. The POST is a valid, job-related test designed specifically for law enforcement use, which measures these basic skills: Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension, GramMarch and Incident Report Writing.

Applicants will be required to pass all four sections of the test with 70% pass rate. Any applicant who has previously tested for the position of police officer with the department may retake the written exam a maximum of two times per calendar year. After three unsuccessful attempts to reach 70% an applicant will no longer be able to retest.

Ride Along
Applicants will be required to ride along with 2 of our officers during an 8 hour ride along typically from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Then will be required to complete a hand written evaluation of your shift prior to leaving the Law Enforcement Center. This will be an overall written essay of what you experienced. This essay will be provided to the interview board to assist them in evaluating you.

This opportunity should allow you to see a slight glimpse of how our agency and officers work. It will also allow you the chance to ask questions. It is our hope that from this phase of the hiring process you will have a better understanding of what you are attempting to achieve as a career and allow our officers to meet you.

Oral Boards
Applicants successfully passing are scheduled for a personal interview with an interview board consisting of Command Staff, Officers, and a representative from Human Resources. Applicants are evaluated on character traits and abilities in the areas of decision making, judgments under pressure, appearance, ability to communicate, demeanor, integrity and credibility. Standard sets of questions are asked of each applicant and the applicant is scored numerically based on their answers. An opportunity is provided for the applicant to present their strong points and verbalize why they would be an asset to the City of Hutchinson Police Department.

Background Investigations
An extensive background investigation is undertaken on the applicant that consists of personal contacts and phone contacts with listed references, school teachers, administrators, employers, co-workers, neighbors, unlisted references that can be located, spouse, ex-spouses and friends. Additionally, an applicant's current financial institution is checked, past credit history is examined; criminal history checks are made.

Command Staff Review Process
The completed background investigation file is reviewed and a determination on whether the applicant continues forward in the process. A majority vote is required for continuation in the process. Applicants who obtain a majority vote will be placed on an eligible list that will be presented to the Chief of Police.

Chief Review of Applicants & Selection
Following the completion of all interviews, the Chief of Police evaluates all the applicant's scores and ratings received in the prior phases. The Chief then places each candidate in preferential hiring order. At this point in the process, conditional offers of employment may be extended.

Conditional Offer of Employment
Chosen applicants are given a job offer that is conditional upon successful completion of all phases of the recruitment/selection process. Candidates must successfully complete all phases of the process or his/her conditional job offer will be rescinded.

Medical Examination
Each applicant is required to undergo an extensive medical examination to insure their physical condition and ability to perform the duties and functions required of this profession. During this examination a mandatory drug screen is administered.

If an applicant is determined to be not qualified, they will be removed from the employment process and advised.

Psychological Testing
The applicants are required to undergo a psychological evaluation. The psychological testing consists of the following test:
  • MMPI-2 Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory
  • The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT)
  • Public Safety Profile (PSP)
  • Biographical Information Questionnaire (BIQ)
  • Clinical interview
The results of these tests, administered by Psychological Support Services are rated, scored and used in evaluating the applicant.

Psychological Interview
The City of Hutchinson Police Department is fortunate to have Dr. Bowman evaluate and screen each applicant prior to being employed with the City of Hutchinson Police Department. Dr. Bowman conducts a personal interview with each of the applicants prior to a final job offer. All information gathered on the applicant to date is provided to a psychologist to assist in making an evaluation and recommendation on the applicant.

As you can see, the employment process is lengthy and very detailed. Please understand it is the purpose of the City of Hutchinson Police Department to hire the most qualified and best representatives for the citizens of Hutchinson. If you have any questions concerning the process please call Lt. John Taylor at 620-694-2825, or Human Resources at 620-694-2642.