Volunteer Patrol

The Volunteer Patrol provides the Hutchinson Police Department with a team of responsible dedicated volunteers committed to assisting law enforcement officers with their daily duties.

Some of their duties include:
  • Serving Municipal Court subpoenas
  • Traffic control
  • House checks
Volunteer Patrol members are graduates of the Citizen's Police Academy (CPA). The CPA is sponsored by the Hutchinson Police Department and the Reno County Sheriff's Department. It is a 37-hour program designed to give the citizens of Hutchinson / Reno County a working knowledge of both departments and the criminal justice systems of Reno County.

The concept of the CPA originated in 1977 in Devon and Cornwall, England. It's purpose was to familiarize private citizens with the nature of police work and the organization of the police system in England.

Hutchinson Police Chief Dick Heitschmidt began researching the concept of having CPA classes in Hutchinson in December, 1992. The first Hutchinson Police Department CPA Class was held beginning March 1, 1993. Thirteen private citizens Graduated May 3, 1993.

The Hutchinson Police Department and Reno County Sheriff Department held their first joint CPA class in 1995. This joint effort continues today.