Public Education

Most fires can be prevented. With the proper education, we can stop the devastation of a fire from occurring.

Fire Prevention
The goal of fire prevention is to stop the fire before it starts. We know that it takes 3 things to come together to start a fire, these are oxygen, heat, and fuel, we can't get rid of the oxygen, but we can control the fuel and the heat source from coming together. First we must identify the common heat sources like electrical extension cords, electrical appliances, candles, fireplaces, cigarettes, heaters and furnaces etc. Fuel sources are paper, cardboard boxes, curtains, furniture, gasoline, natural gas, propane gas and wood products etc.

We have several classes that we offer to help the public in reaching our goal of preventing fire from occurring. When requested, we will work with all groups in developing classes that will help your business or individuals in fire prevention. We must all work together in eliminating fires before they start.