Fleet Maintenance

Central Garage & Fleet Maintenance is a division within the Public Works Department and operates as an internal service fund to provide fuel, management, maintenance and repair services for the City's fleet of vehicles and equipment, including the emergency response vehicles of the Fire Department and Police Department.
Central Garage provides essential fleet management services for all City departments. This division provides technical assistance in the development of vehicle and equipment specifications, evaluates fleet efficiency and assists with the disposal of surplus equipment.
The Central Garage staff is comprised of an Automotive Maintenance Superintendent and six full-time mechanics with over 100 years of combined automotive repair experience. 
In order to provide fuel for the City's fleet of vehicles and equipment, a fuel island was installed at the Public Works Facility with underground tanks for bulk fuel storage. Central Garage is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of the fuel pumps and fuel island. The City's average annual fuel usage is 142,000 gallons of unleaded fuel and 76,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

Central Garage also provides, as a service to the general public, a used motor oil disposal program. Citizens can bring their used motor oil to the Public Works Facility at 1500 S. Plum for disposal into a large tank that is located on site. Central Garage has an arrangement with a private company that pumps the tank on a monthly basis and properly disposes of the used motoroil. Listed below are the guidelines for program:
  • Oil can be dropped off at Central Garage at the Public Works Facility, 1500 S. Plum, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.;
  • No drums or containers larger than 5 gallons will be accepted;
  • Do not leave containers of oil outside of the facility;
  • No motor fuels will be accepted;
  • Only citizens can drop off oil. Businesses are not permitted to drop off oil.