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The traffic operations division of the Engineering Department for the City of Hutchinson oversees two main activities:

  • Traffic regulatory measures
  • Traffic control devices
Traffic regulatory measures consist of the laws and ordinances issued for the purpose of driver, vehicle, and pedestrian control. These measures are intended to regulate and control the safe and efficient operation of vehicles in the traffic stream. The fundamental regulatory measures include intersection controls, speed controls, one - way streets, and parking control.

Traffic control devices include fundamentals of the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of traffic signs, signals, pavement markings, channelization devices, and temporary traffic control for construction zones to provide the basis for intelligent application of these devices to specific situations.
Prior to the adoption of a regulatory measure or the use of a traffic control device, it is necessary to examine the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, warrants, and prerequisite studies to establish justification and legality.

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