2021 Utility Rates

REFUSE - Trash

Residential Refuse 

First Container/Cart $ 9.69
Additional Cart $ 9.69
Walk Up Service $16.06
Handicap/Accessible Service $ 9.69

Commercial Refuse

First Container/Cart $10.45
Additional Cart $10.45
Walk Up Service $16.83
  • Additional recycling carts $4.00 (residential or commercial)
  • Walk-In Recycle Carts $4.00
  • Walk Up Service - Refuse workers will walk up to retrieve cart to empty
  • Handicap: Physically unable to pull the cart to the curb themselves.
  • Handicap and Walk Up Recycle is picked up once a month on the 4th Wednesday of each month.


Water Inside the City Limits

$11.24/Minimum* Monthly Charge
$2.92/HCF for 0-500
$2.63/HCF for 501-5000
$2.38/HCF above 5000

Water Outside the City Limits

$22.47/Minimum * Monthly Charge
$4.39/HCF for 0-500
$3.94/HCF for 501-5000
$3.57/HCF above 5000
*The minimum charge is for 5/8" meter. If larger, the following minimum charge applies:
  Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits
$13.40 $26.81
1 1/2"
$18.81 $37.61
2" $24.16 $48.31
3" $29.51 $59.02
4" $42.90 $85.80
6" $76.4 $152.8
8" $117.95 $235.90

Yard Meters  - Same Formula as Water Rates

Water and yard meters must be figured individually for tax.


Metered: based on water consumption     Flat Rate: not connected to City water service (water well)

Metered: Based on water consumption or Winter Quarter Average 
Flat Rate: Not connected to City Water Sewer (Water Well)
Metered Sewer - Inside the City Limits Metered Sewer - Outside the City Limits
$7.70/minimum monthly charge $19.25/minimum monthly charge
$2.39/HCF $2.39/HCF
Flat Rate Sewer - Inside City Limits
Flat Rate Sewer - Outside City Limits
$29.74 $52.84

Note: Flat Rate Charge uses the average residential monthly consumption of 6 hcf for all metered users.

Winter Quarter Average is calculated based on the average water usage between December and March when we cannot measure actual sewer usage. These are the months where customers typically are not using water outdoors and better reflects the amount of water going down the sewer drain.

Flat Rate Sewer: Residential - Business - Commercial are all billed the same, both inside/outside city limits


Water Franchise Fee - 5% of water charges

Sewer Franchise Fee - 5% of sewer charges

State Water Fee - .032 cents per 1000 gallons (Example: 174 consumption x 748 = 130,152 divided by 1000 = 130.15 x .032 = $4.16

Storm Water Fee - based on square footage of impervious area (building, concrete, asphalt, where water will run off and into storm water canals) 

Residential Use - $4.75 per month per dwelling unit

Other Use - $4.75 x ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) 3,120 square foot of impervious surface

Taxes - Only Industrial Commercial Class Code I is taxed on water.  Residential water is never taxable.  Sewer & Refuse is not taxable for any users.  Tax: State 6.50%, County 1.0% City 1.10% = 8.60% for 2021

Water Measurement

1 hundred cubic feet (HCF) equals 748 gallons