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1. I received a letter in the mail asking me to confirm that my property is a rental and my property is not a rental. I live in it. What should I do?
2. I own an apartment complex. Do I have to register all of the units?
3. Do I have to pay for inspections?
4. Do I have to register my rental unit every year?
5. I live more than 100 miles away. Do I have to have a local property manager?
6. What happens if I don’t confirm my rentals?
7. I am selling my property via land contract. Do I have to register it?
8. My rental property is vacant and I have it listed for sale. Do I have to register it?
9. Where can I find the Property Maintenance Code?
10. What will the inspector be looking for?
11. Can I view a PowerPoint presentation on the property maintenance code?
12. What happens if my unit does not pass inspection?